Saturday, February 18, 2012

About your sister Rebecca

Hi this Rebecca (i am the picture to the left)this  is Julia to the right I am her big sister. I am 13th  years old.  right now i go to northwest middle school school. I have a web site name  my hobby right now is cooking. I want to be a cook when i grow up. I also want to be a great sister to Julia. I love going hiking  with my family my Favorite place to hike is twin lakes. i also like talking pictures with my dad.I love scrap booking my memories of my life. My favorite music is lady gaga and Taylor swift.

When i hear the baby was a girl I was in school and I got a text with a picture of a pink and a purple Binky. I was so happy to know the baby was a girl. at lunch I told my friends it was  baby girl. I was pretty much jumping for joy for you Julia. I could not help but be happy as can be.

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