Monday, April 2, 2012

Julia's First Dr Apt

 Today was Julia's First DR apt.  He normal Dr is off on vacation for the week so we saw another DR in his office (Like she has seen a Normal DR any way).  Mom and dad are a little tense about this appointment, but its not because of what you all think.  We are not amature parents I have 2 teen's at home.

Julia is perfect I will say that first, but she does have a small issue at the same time that has stressed us since the moment she was born.  Her little right arm was hurt.  If you go back though all of her pictures you will see that she has her left arm up quite a few of them, but her right arm just hang there.

They always tell you not to stress, but as a parent you always do.  Tanya and I are no exception.  With the exception of family we have not really told any one about this, but I want to say something not because I need sympathy.  As I said she is perfect.  But Julia could use your prayers in her behalf.

Julia was a big baby and as such she did not come out all that easy.  If you go look at her first few pictures you will see they even had to give her oxygen as she was not breathing well at first and came out with the cord wrapped around her neck.  But from the first few moments it was easy to see that she was not moving that arm.

When we did the well baby tests and looked her over she has a good grip with both hands but her arm did not move.  The Dr told us that she had shoulder dictorcia when born. She was while stuck and thanks to a great Dr they got her out and mother and daughter are doing good.

The Dr today said she has Erb's Palsy that link is to Wikipedia which will tell you in short that her arm was hurt during delivery and that it will need to heal.  Their is no promises that it will completely heal on its own. There are lots of worst case things that as a parent you just don't want to think about.  But we were suggested to get with a agency that can come do physical therapy to help repair the damage.

Any way all I ask of you is to pray for my little girl that her arm can get better.  We have given her a priesthood blessing. And now all we need is your faith and prayers that she may heal up and of course time for her little body to repair its self.

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Susan said...

You bet! I've written Julia's name right next to James' on my list. I suppose I could take his off, but he still has the regional thing to go to, right? So I'll leave it on. =) I have a feeling she will be fine. Prayers and the priesthood - can't do better than that!

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