Saturday, March 31, 2012

1 AM Feeding

Good morning Julia its your first night home and you have your dad up for 1 am feeding.  Mom is breast feeding but milk has not fully come in and is not satisfying you so after mom fed you Dad got his turn and you drank a full bottle (little ones given to us at hospital)  You are such a cute little thing and are now back to sleep but while you woke me up so I am going to tell you about your first day home. 

Leading up to your birth we had a contest to give away 2 quilts.This was done on Dad's quilting blog yes your dad quilts.  I tried to get mom to make you some quilts, but she told me if I wanted quilts I had to make them my self (as she was busy making you) So look at me I made some quilts.  These 2 quilts your laying on above here are going to be delivered to 2 lucky people that were able to guess your birth date (March 28th 2012 at 4:07 pm) and your birth weight (9 Pounds 12 Ounces) and they will be mailed out to the lucky winners tomorrow after dad gets a little more sleep

Your big brother Jared is not so sure he likes you yet.  He is scared to hold you and afraid that you will cry.

And true to his worry you do cry when he holds you.  We are going to have to work on this Brother/Sister bonding thing.  Good thing you have the rest of your life's to work that out.

Your sister Rebecca on the other hand wants to help, so today Dad taught her how to change a diaper.

She was a little nervous at first but managed to get the diaper off and was a little timid but managed to get all the poo of your behind end.

She even got you dressed after words.

And picked you up.  But then you started to cry.  You like to be bundled up and she forgot to wrap you up.

I have to say when your mad you know how to let us know your not happy.  So we taught your sister how to make a baby burito out of you in a blanket.

Which seems to make you all happy most of the time.  It's a good time now to point out that your sister did not learn so well from dad's instruction and when she fed you later in the afternoon and then changed another poopy diaper, she did not get you all put back together well and your next wet diaper got you completely drenched clothing and receiving blanket and all.  This frustrated your Mom.  But as I pointed out to Mom we learned 16 years ago how to put a diaper on correctly with Big Brother James.  And its now Rebecca's turn to learn from trial and error.  

 Speaking of your big brother James compeated in a state wide 3D competion and came in first place and will get to go to regianls you would be so proud of him I know your Mom and I.

Rebecca had to get you to lay on a quilt your Dad made for you don't you look so cute.  The receiving blanket your in by way was a gift from your Great Grandma Johnson your Grandma Healey's mother one of only 2 Great Grandma's you have still alive.

One thing baby's are good at are sleeping

Which reminds me that I best get to sleep as its almost 3am now and if I don't get some sleep soon I might be up feeding you in an hour.  Julia we love you so much.  Thank you for blessing our life's and joining our family.  Night Night.


LuAnn said...

Julia is just adorable; what a nice family you have!

Susan said...

Darling pictures. Good for Rebecca wanting to learn, and wow, willing to learn on poopy diapers! That girl is a keeper. Julia will learn not to cry when she's used to Jared. She's picking up on his nervousness, no doubt. And James! Wow, congratulations! That was a fabulous animation, and I'm so happy to hear it won first place! I was wondering since I didn't read it on the other blog.

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