Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Look at me I am a week old

Can you belive it I am a week old today

When my parents are nice they take me out of the house yesterday I got to go for a walk and put on my cute little jacket before I grow out of it.

Dad for some reason likes taking pictures up my nose not sure what that is all about and he caught me yawning.

Look again I got caught with the mouth wide open

Oh wait here is a better look for me just content to lay on my side here.

Don't you love aunt's my aunt Kathy gave me this noisy toy and from time to time my sister pokes it and it makes noise for some reason mom and dad never poke it.

But I am too tired for this picture taking and going to take a nap

Hum mom don't look so happy holding me whats with that.

But put me in my bassinet and I am a happy camper just don't let my big brother poke me.

Hey I said no poking me.

Hey you look a little to happy to be pinching me and making me cry.  Oh well birthday is over and its bed time for us.  Oh well give me 20 minutes and Ill wake mom up again.

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

so adorable one beautiful little girl

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