Thursday, March 29, 2012

Julia and Mom doing good

It was a beautiful morning with fog floating over the golf course

And it was nice to see the sun come over the mountain on the way to drop Jared off for school

But I know you did not come here to look at fog here is Julia and mom

Grandpa and Grandma came to hold Julia

One of many items they brought was this wonderful quilt I will take pictures and show all of the presents another day with mom's help

Grandpa did bring Jared a present and he had to get a family shot with his angry bird/rabbit

Dad's work Xennsoft sent flower's in a neat vase and a balloon to help celebrate

Julia is such a happy child, She hardly fussed at all she has beautiful eyes and a cute smile

But mom and Julia were both tired so I put Julia back in her Bed 

Took her back to the nursery and then went home to take care of the rest of the kids.  I cant wait tell morning when I can go back to the hospital and pick her and mom up to take home.

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