Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh so close

It is getting close to time for you to join us here in the world Julia.  You would be proud of your mother even with the constant kicking and keeping her up at night rolling around in her belly she still loves you.  I am always so excited when you are kicking and moving and I am able to put my hand on your mothers belly and feel you kick.  I am jealous that your mother gets to hold you and not share during the first 9 months of your existence.

I want to tell you a little about your name.  We are going to call you Julia Dawn Healey.  Every time Mom has gotten pregnant the first name that popped out of my mouth to call them was Julia.  Your name has been one that I have wanted to call my baby since before I even knew your mother.

This is our family tree as found on Ancestry that I have been able to gather.  As you can see on the row to the far right you are being named after Julia Hills Johnson.  My Great Great Grandmother on my mothers side of the family.  I have been interested in genealogy for a long time and when I saw here name I knew that I was going to name one of my kids Julia.

Julia I am so happy to be your dad and i cant wait tell I can finally hold you.  Your mom has had her turn its almost mine.  I will spoil you silly and you will be my favorite (of course so is Jared, Rebecca, and James when he is not acting like a snotty teenager.)  We are all excited to have you join us.  We have wanted you for a long time and I am sure you will be worth the wait.



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