Saturday, March 10, 2012

Its a Party, Julia's Pre-Birthday (shower)

Wow what a pile of presents

Becca piled them all and took a picture.

Dad decided that they must be laid out on the couch to better see what we got

wow they dont all fit in 1 picture or 2

But 3 is the charm

Jared is sad he did not get any presents

Wait there is a box of whoppers so we can fake a smile

Women at church during shower

More people

more people

More people

Ok you get the point

oh wait still more

hum whats this.

YUM!  This is Jenifer one of our closest friends.
Oh wait found something to get a Jared to smile you should have seen the frown when we told him those belonged to Julia.  Mental note get a bank to give to Jared from Julia, when she is born so that he can smile and not be sad.

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